Your Successful Digital Business Planning
and Strategy starts with Clevvi

Clevvi utilise our industry experiences to open up insights into your business that expose opportunities you may not have dreamed possible.
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Generative AI offer the opportunity to make the impossible - possible.

Environmental Management and Sustainability

Clevvi supports businesses in tracking and managing scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions through a streamlined platform, offering real-time monitoring and analytics for effective emission reduction strategies.

Clevvi Helps You Unleash the Business Power of Your Data

Successful businesses have unique DNA. Clevvi  utilises our deep industry knowledge with a personal understanding of your business
to drive innovation that delivers on your objectives.

CEOs, Managing Directors, Board Members

CEOs, Managing Directors, Board Members

Clevvi holds a prestigious position at the forefront of the Australian manufacturing, agricultural, government and industrial sectors. With years of experience, we have been actively listening and offering expert guidance and knowledge as trusted advisors, playing a crucial role in shaping company strategies and paving the way for innovative digital pathways alongside Australian CEOs and MDs.


CFOs, CTOs, CIOs, IT General Managers

Clevvi empowers you to bring the CEO or MDs vision to life through a comprehensive digital strategy that not only guides practical operational implementation but also ensures continuity and success from the highest level. By aligning strategy with vision, Clevvi acts as a reliable sounding board throughout all stages of implementation, providing unwavering confidence and control for operations management.

Managers, Team Leaders and Broader Teams

Managers, Team Leaders and Broader Teams

Clevvi understands all project angles and personas. Success of any implementation involves the right technology delivered in the right way. Clevvi believes technology is there to support you and the whole business. Sometimes the biggest gains and most innovative concepts come from the coal face. A great indicator of successful project is strong uptake providing for new business capability and sound operational health in the field.

Manufacturing | Agriculture | Industry | Government | Construction

20+ Years Client IT  Success Stories in Manufacturing, Agriculture, Industry, Construction & Government

Australia is currently experiencing one of the most significant transformations since the industrial revolution. At Clevvi, we fully understand the challenges businesses face in terms of enhancing productivity, boosting revenue, staying ahead of competitors, adapting to legislative changes, and constantly innovating. As an Australian company, we have been trusted partners for over 20 years, helping businesses streamline their internal and external processes, improve efficiencies, and achieve excellence in digital consultancy, innovation, and IT. Discover what Clevvi can do to unlock the potential of your business.


  • Expert Industry Knowledge
  • Proven Track Record
  • Long Term Customers
  • Creative Innovation
  • Trusted Advisor
  • 100% Australian-owned
  • 100% Indigenous-Owned 
  • Viresgo ESG & Sustainability Practice
Viresgo Colour White Background
Find out more about Viresgo, Clevvi's ESG and Sustainability Platform


Information Technology, Innovation,
and Expert Consulting Services

We can tell you how innovative technologies like Generative AI, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things & Wireless Technologies can supercharge your operations 

Strategic Consulting

Winning strategy starts with great information. Clevvi's Industry expertise and knowledge across many sectors provides us a unique ability to deliver top down audit of your companies digital health. We provide a clear gap analysis to see where the most important and impactful improvements that can be made.

Showcase New Technology Opportunities

Clevvi is an expert in the latest technologies to supercharge your operations. We have innovative ways with IoT, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and more. Ask Clevvi to show you some of the amazing projects we have delivered for our clients, and what it has done for their business.

Streamlining Your IT Systems

Constant change is the only thing that stays the same. Clevvi modernises the health of your IT Environment by implementing rock solid IT to enable your ability to deliver best business processes and set you ahead of the competition.

Services When You Need Them

Clevvi provides any level of services that our customers need. As a full service organisation.

Partnering with the Best

Clevvi is proud to be a preferred partner of Amazon Web Services

Clevvi is an AWS Advanced Tier Partner
20+ Years Experience


Years Experience

Fun_Fact-Billions_Processed (1)


Processed through Clevvi Systems

40,000+ Daily Tranactions


Daily Transactions

Millions Saved through Innovation


Saved Through Innovation

Why Clients Choose Clevvi...and then Stay with Us?

Clevvi has a portfolio of offerings, proven IT experience and quickstarts from unparalleled factory knowledge and understanding - including proven factory floor offerings, OEE, ESG solutions, Reporting, Dashboarding, Integration solutions and so much more.


With an unmatched level of industry knowledge not found in the current market, Clevvi understands how your industry do things - and then do it better for you. The wide variety of clients, with years of experience across these sectors has built a bank of knowledge that cannot be acquired without working deeply in the businesses of our customers to understand everything that affects their businesses - not just the IT.

Everything we do is in-house, meaning everyone of our team understands our customers deeply. 


We are 100% Australian-owned and operated and our team are dedicated to providing the best solutions for our clients. This gives our customer peace of mind in the knowledge that we stand behind all of our work.

Clevvi transforms client data into an asset. 


We make data fully Accessible, Return it back Strong so that it is reliable, and provides new insights that make sure it is well understood. This means your team can make clear data-driven Decisions and maximise value on your most unique asset


The longer a business has been established and the more raw data that a business collects the harder it is to discover valuable insights and comfortably rely on that data to make important decisions. 


Data generated in a wide range of systems, some of which are legacy buries the insights even deeper. Data which gets hidden over years of growth and expansion locked within spreadsheets, software systems, old and new processes and complex configurations in cross company departments.


Clevvi is an expert at freeing your valuable data so that you are in full control again.

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Project - Sugar Research Australia

Digital Transformation

Sugar Research Australia

Projects - Australian Food and Fibre

Application Development

Australian Food and Fibre

Projects - Riverina Stockfeeds

Internet of Things (IoT)

Riverina Stockfeeds

Projects - Youfoodz

Augmented Reality (AR)


Some of Our Clients...

Clients tend to be with us for many years

Youfoodz offers a range of plans that suit different health, fitness and nutrition goals, with nutritionally-balanced meals made with farm-fresh ingredients and no prep or cleaning 



Food Production

Sugar Research Australia (SRA) is Australia’s specialist sugarcane research organisation. SRA invest in evidence-based research, development and adoption (RD&A) activities on behalf of sugarcane growers and millers to meet industry challenges and opportunities.

Sugar Research Australia

Sugar Research Australia


Riverina Stockfeeds manufacture a wide range of beef cattle feeds, including pellets, dry lick, liquid supplements and more with methane reducin and antibiotic free options.

Riverina Stock Feeds

Riverina Stock Feeds 


Australian Food & Fibre (AFF) is a vertically integrated grower, processor and marketer of cotton, and is committed to producing the highest quality food and fibre. Our operations are located across New South Wales and have been built on significant industry knowledge, experience and expertise.

Australian Food and Fibre

Australian Food & Fibre


Hewitt is a global food producer with a fully integrated and ethical supply chain. Over our rich history they have been driven by this simple approach: treat the land well, treat people well, and treat the animals well. Hewitt are on a journey to be the world’s most sustainable meat producer



Food Production