Amazon Monitron Now by Clevvi
Equipment Failure Prediction, Accelerated

Clevvi brings Amazon equipment reliability innovation to leading Australian industrial and manufacturing firms

What is Amazon Monitron?5-pack-3

Amazon Monitron is a machine learning-based monitoring system that helps predict equipment failures before they happen. It uses wireless sensors and a secure gateway to monitor vibration, temperature, and other data from industrial machinery. This data is analyzed by machine learning models to detect early warning signs of failures. Originally developed for use in Amazon's own fulfillment centers, Monitron has now been commercialised on AWS to help other companies maximise their uptime through improved reliability of industrial equipment such as pumps, motors, fans, bearings compressors and gearboxes.

To maximize value, Monitron needs to be implemented optimally based on each facility's specific environment and assets. While Monitron is designed for quick and simple deployment, there are many important nuances to be considered:

  • Determining optimal sensor placement for each piece of equipment
  • Integrating data insights into existing asset management and industrial systems
  • Working with operational teams to achieve seamless operational integration
This is where Clevvi comes in...

Accelerate Time-to-Value with Monitron Now

amazon-fulfillment-reliability-engineers.70951f4ba647c554f95a4d36fef976ca784fca27Clevvi's Monitron Now service provides a turnkey package to help companies realize the benefits of Monitron faster. Our end-to-end solution builds on two decades of experience leverage innovative technologies to bolster factory operations. With Monitron Now, Clevvi ensures you unlock Monitron's full potential by:
  • Consulting to determine ideal sensor placements and validating use cases
  • Providing professional installation and integration services
  • Backend integration of insights and data into existing technology systems
  • Providing ongoing specialist support on tuning Monitron to maximise uptime and maintenance savings
With Monitron Now, you can tap into predictive maintenance in weeks rather than months. We ensure you get optimal value from your investment.

Why Clevvi?

As a long-term AWS partner with over 20 years of experience in industrial environments, Clevvi has the expertise to accelerate and optimise your Monitron implementation including:
  • Industry expertise in manufacturing, energy, and other industrial verticals
  • Specialized knowledge in industrial IoT, data analytics, and machine learning
  • Trusted experience implementing solutions in hazardous environments
Let's discuss how Monitron Now can help you minimize downtime and transform maintenance. Contact us today to get started.

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