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Revolutionising traffic management for a large local council through cloud-based innovation

the client
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Key Points

- Large Australian city council sought improved traffic data monitoring to manage congestion and safety

- Initial trials using third-party radars were too expensive and lacked transparency

- Clevvi were able to create a cost-effective, custom cloud-based solution that simplified radar deployment and management

- By automating the setup and connection of IoT devices to AWS cloud services, new radar devices could be seamlessly added to the network and remotely monitored/updated

- Clevvi's solution delivered 60% cost reduction compared to previous third-party trial

- The new traffic data management system achieved goals of scalability, data transparency, and integration with council's systems

- The council plans to expand the network and apply Clevvi's solution to a broader range of projects in the future


  • The Transport and Traffic division of one of the largest and fastest growing city councils in Australia was seeking to optimize traffic management in their region. This council oversees a significant geographic area encompassing both a dense urban population of over half a million residents as well as surrounding regional suburbs and towns.

    The transport division determined improving traffic visibility through data and technology was essential to upgrade their management capabilities. This would enable them to pre-emptively address areas prone to congestion, optimize infrastructure usage, and enhance service for all road network stakeholders.

the challenge

During peak seasons and major events, the swelling traffic volumes frequently overwhelm capacity, leading to congestion, delays, and incidents. This strains the council's resources and infrastructure while exacerbating safety risks.

As part of their long-term planning, the Transport and Traffic division needed real-time traffic data and historical projections to optimise their network. They initially trialled radars but faced financial, logistical and technical difficulties. The data was managed by a third-party which limited transparency. They sought a lower cost, scalable solution with improved data control.


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Rather than taking an off-the-shelf approach, Clevvi leveraged AWS infrastructure to create a customised solution, tailored to the council’s specific needs.

Clevvi built an automated system using AWS IoT services that simplified deploying and managing radar devices across the vast road network. This allowed new radar units to be added seamlessly as needed, to scale up data collection.

By implementing automation technologies, the distributed radar devices could be remotely monitored and software updates could be delivered to all devices simultaneously, eliminating the need for manual maintenance. This was essential for the significant number of distributed radars installed across the region.

To handle the large volume of granular data generated, Clevvi designed a flexible cloud data pipeline. This ensured no data was lost and costs were still reduced in comparison to traditional models. Advanced analytics transformed the raw data into actionable insights for the council. This provided unprecedented visibility into traffic patterns and trends across the entire network.


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the results
  • Clevvi worked closely with the council to deeply understand their needs. By leveraging cloud, automation and data technologies creatively, they were able to deliver an innovative custom solution for revolutionising the region's traffic management.

    In the first 12 months, the council saw a 60% cost reduction compared to the previous third-party solution. Data quality and granularity improved significantly with fewer gaps. The highly scalable approach allowed easy expansion, and device monitoring simplified maintenance. The solution was so successful that the council is now looking to scale up their network and apply Clevvi’s solution more broadly across other projects.

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