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Unlocking sustainability insights through automated reporting for a leading farm-to-table producer

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Key Points

- Stahmann Webster were looking to optimise their sustainability reporting but were burdened with manually extracting data from fertiliser invoices for analysis

- Leveraging an AI-powered OCR tool in combination with custom templates allowed Clevvi to automate data ingestion from invoices from a range of providers

-This data was transformed into a digestible dashboard where complex operational data could be easily analysed and emissions could be calculated and tracked against specific sustainability KPIs

- Automating data extraction from invoices established a flexible platform that could be scaled to meet future data needs in the future for Stahmann Webster


  • Stahmann Webster is a leading farm-to-table producer of premium Australian nuts including walnuts, pecans, macadamias and almonds. Formed in 2020 through the merger of Stahmann Farms and Webster Limited, the company combines over 180 years of agricultural heritage. With large-scale operations and extensive land holdings, Stahmann needed an efficient way to collect and analyse data from their fields to help find ways to minimise their environmental impact across Queensland.

the challenge

To track their environmental sustainability, Stahmann Webster wanted to fully quantify and report on carbon emissions associated with fertiliser use across their Queensland orchards. This required extracting raw data from thousands of paper fertilizer invoices from each of their fertilizer suppliers, across multiple locations. The challenge of collecting and calculating emissions data stemmed from the diversity of each data source/format, which made manual processing extremely inefficient and inaccurate.

the solution
  • Clevvi leveraged an AI-powered OCR tool to fully automate invoice data extraction. Custom templates targeted the unique invoice formats from each supplier to extract key details. Raw data was structured and used to run carbon emission calculations for orchards across Queensland. Clevvi provided customised dashboards and reports to analyse emissions data at the operation level. This enabled environmental impact to be tracked over time and brought light to areas that could be improved.

Clevvi delivered an automated reporting solution that reduced Stahmann Webster's manual work while also improving data accuracy. Emissions were analysed to benchmark sustainability and drive strategic decisions on improving environmental impact over time.

This project demonstrates Clevvi's expertise in optimising complex operational data challenges through innovative technology implementations tailored to the client's specific business and technical requirements. For Stahmann Webster, Clevvi unlocked timely, accurate tracking of sustainability KPIs across their farming operations and designed a highly flexible platform that could be easily scaled to align with Stahmann Webster’s future data needs and drive continuous improvement.



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