Rapid innovation and implementation of a custom augmented reality (AR) inventory management system for a global hackathon

the client
the solution


Key Points
- Youfoodz needed an innovative solution to replace their manual inventory system due to inefficiencies and frequent errors

- Clevvi was invited to partake in a 2-day hackathon and designed a custom AR inventory management system that was estimated to reduce wastage by >10% and generate $500,000 in net annual savings for Youfoodz

- Through rapid integration of real-time data, Clevvi developed an AR overlay for mobile camera feeds that provided the user with key details about the product they were scanning e.g. expiry

- The fully integrated solution seamlessly interfaced with Youfoodz's existing ERP and minimised inventory costs/errors


Youfoodz is a well renowned fresh meal preparation company owned by German multinational Hellofresh. As part of Hellofresh's broader innovation strategy, Youfoodz participates in the organisation's annual global hackathon events. These intensive 2-day hackathons facilitate collaboration between business units and technology partners to rapidly develop and prototype solutions that optimise operations and processes across the enterprise.

the challenge

Youfoodz relied on a manual tagging system to manage its factory inventory and track product location. Not only was this process extremely time-consuming but it was also prone to human mistakes, resulting in discrepancies between the inventory management system and actual stock on hand. Consequently, the company experienced excessive spoilage and waste of ingredients that went unused before their expiry dates. Their live factory environment necessitated minimal downtime, while adhering to rigorous food safety standards. They required an agile, automated inventory tracking solution that could seamlessly integrate with their operations in just 2 days.

Clevvi was invited to participate in the hackathon as a key technology partner, along with AWS. Collaborating closely with Youfoodz's developers, Clevvi’s team rapidly integrated real-time ERP data and overlaid it onto mobile device camera feeds. This augmented reality solution displayed product details, weight and expiry information on packaging using unique QR codes. By integrating the AR data with Youfoodz's manufacturing resource planning system, it could visually flag expired products in real-time. Enabling technologies included: QR codes, computer vision/AR, Bluetooth/UWB, and data integration.

youfoodz solution
the results
  • Within just 2 days, Clevvi and AWS implemented a brand new, fully integrated, working proof-of-concept that seamlessly interfaced with Youfoodz's existing resource planning system. Simulating QR codes on product packaging enabled real-time tracking and oversight of stock levels. Youfoodz predicted that the solution would reduce wastage by more than 10% and realise approximately $500,000 in net annual savings. Additional benefits included maximising throughput and minimising inventory labour costs and errors.


youfoodz phone

The AR display shows:

- product name

- weight

- expiry date

- location

Expired products are prominently highlighted in red for immediate identification and disposal.

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