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Professional Life

James is both a strategic thinker and deeply technical, James has accumulated an overwhelming breadth and width of experience over two decades driving digital transformation across roles in commercial, public sector and bodies that operate the underpinnings of the Internet. James is a respected figure among both technology and industry stakeholders.

Originally from Canada, James came to Australia in his early 20s and fell in love with the country - he has made his life, family and business a proudly Australian adventure. James’ has had many achievements and even been recognised by public sector stakeholders, including recognition by various state and federal ministers.

With a rich background in navigating the nexus of information technology, innovation and organisational strategy, James has become a highly sought after thought leader. In addition to being Clevvi Technology’s CEO, James has served as a non-executive director, an external CIO/CISO and strategic advisor to both large enterprises and critical infrastructure operators.

His expertise extends to aligning cutting-edge technologies with the unique needs of the public sector, ensuring optimal efficiency and innovation.

Known for his strategic vision and leadership acumen, James has successfully spearheaded initiatives that bridge the gap between public sector requirements and technological advancements.

His commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration within the public sector underscores his dedication to driving positive change through the integration of IT solutions. As the CEO of Clevvi Technology, James Deck continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the digital landscape for public sector stakeholders, leveraging his wealth of experience to propel organisations toward greater efficiency and effectiveness.

In demand as a Thought Leader and Speaker

James generously shares his knowledge on webinars, as a thought leader in the media and social media and as an expert technologist on university panels, as the director of large businesses and as a recognised innovator in industry and government.

Social and Community 2011 Flood Funds

James likes to support his local community. During the 2011 Floods that devastated Toowoomba and the Locker Valley. James got his team at Clevvi to fund raise for people affected by the floods. They managed to raise over $800,000 for people affected by the flooding.

Volunteer Marine Rescue

Most weekends James can be found on a Volunteer Marine Rescue boat helping boaties, surfers and anyone in a bad situation on the southern Gold Coast.

Indigenous Support

James has a heart for Indigenous Australians and James wife herself is from Jirrbal people of north Queensland and supports her with her work educating others on native dance and art, They are both actively involved in Naidoc week and many other activities promoting first nations people.


James Head Shot


20+ Years of experience in Technology, Business and Innovation


  James at Kathmandu at an International LoRaWAN conference
Kathmandu Nepal LoRaWAN Conference

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