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Digital Innovation is second nature for Clevvi 

Find Out How Clevvi Can Innovate for your Business Success

Clevvi are providing some of the newest and innovative technologies to our clients.

Generative AI | Machine Learning | Augmented Reality | Visual Inventory | Predictive Maintenance with Machine Learning | Intelligent Data | Smart Machines | Combined Intelligent Technologies | IOT | SCADA 

IT Strategy :
Assisting clients in developing comprehensive IT strategies aligned with their overall business objectives.
Conducting technology assessments and recommending strategic initiatives to enhance competitiveness.

Digital Transformation Consulting:
Guiding organisations through digital transformation journeys to leverage emerging technologies for improved efficiency, innovation, and customer experience.

IT Governance and Compliance:
Establishing and enhancing IT governance frameworks to ensure alignment with regulatory requirements and industry standards.
Conducting compliance assessments and providing recommendations for risk mitigation.

Cybersecurity Consulting:
Assessing and enhancing cybersecurity postures through risk assessments, threat intelligence, and the development of robust security policies and practices.
Implementing and managing security solutions to protect against cyber threats.

Cloud Computing Consultancy:
Assisting in the migration to cloud platforms and optimizing cloud infrastructures for improved scalability, cost efficiency, and agility.
Advising on cloud security and compliance considerations.

Data Management and Analytics:
Developing strategies for effective data management, including data governance, storage, and analytics.
Implementing business intelligence and analytics solutions for data-driven decision-making.

IT Project Management:
Providing expertise in project management methodologies to ensure successful planning, execution, and delivery of IT projects.
Mitigating risks and addressing challenges throughout the project lifecycle.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Consulting:
Assisting with the selection, implementation, and optimization of ERP systems to streamline business processes and improve resource utilization.

IT Outsourcing and Vendor Management:
Advising on IT outsourcing strategies and managing relationships with external vendors to optimize service delivery and costs.

IT Training and Skill Development:
Offering training programs to enhance the technical skills and knowledge of the client's workforce.
Bridging skill gaps to adapt to new technologies and industry trends.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery:
Developing and implementing strategies to ensure business continuity in the face of disruptions, including disaster recovery planning and testing.

Sustainability and Carbon Reporting for ESG:
Clevvi partners with the world's best çarbon calculator providers to provide an end-to-end solution for any size business setting the standard for the best practice for ESG and Sustainability in Industry.

Clevvi helps clients stay well informed about emerging trends and assess how they can best leverage innovative IT solutions to serve businesses effectively.

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