Factory Modernisation Assessment

Factory Modernisation Assessment

Clevvi offers a Factory Modernisation Assessment, which involves a high-level assessment of factory processes and management applications resulting in an actionable report highlighting current gaps, potential uplift paths and high-level implementation roadmap. This assessment leverages Clevvi’s decades of experience using technology to streamline and improve manufacturing businesses, as well as Clevvi’s wide exposure to the industrial technology landscape through a wide variety of project work and a detailed understanding of industry trends through deep engagement with partners such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Inductive Automation (makers of Ignition SCADA) and Infor (makers of the “M3” manufacturing-specialised ERP). 

Clevvi's experienced Factory Technology Consultants conduct a factory floor walk through with your technology and operations teams, to review your factory technology, understand your operational challenges and requirements, then provide recommendations to close potential gaps. Clevvi will provide you with a tailored report highlighting possible uplift paths to improving operating margin and factory productivity, while increasing quality, safety, and sustainability is prepared and shared back with you, including benchmarking to other Australian manufacturers.

  • What’s a Factory Modernisation Assessment?

A high-level assessment of factory processes and management applications.
Actionable report highlighting current gaps and sharing uplift paths and high-level remediation roadmaps.

What’s Involved?

  • Factory walk through with an experienced practitioner, having a close look at the current state of the factory’s IT, current challenges and requirements, to then provide recommendations to close potential gaps.

  • What are the Business Outcomes?

A tailored report highlighting possible uplift paths to improving operating margin and factory productivity, while increasing quality, safety, and sustainability.
Benchmark assessment against best-in-class operators.
Actionable roadmap with “Next Steps”.


What’s Assessed?

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP).
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA).
Manufacturing Execution System (MES).
Overall Throughput Effectiveness (OTE). 
Data Historians.
Other electrical/electronic systems.

  • Who is it Good for?

Factory headcount: 15+
Businesses that:
* Are experiencing disconnect between factory floor IT and corporate IT systems.
* Want to have factory floor automation and integration.
* Want to leverage factory system data but don’t know where to start.
* Are implementing new factory systems/technology.
Typical use cases:
* Replacing older technology.
* Recommending best-fit modern technology. 
* Improving process efficiency using IT.
 Improving end-to-end traceability.


What are the Steps?

1. Questionnaire to establish factory profile (e.g., existing technology, customer requirements).

2. Comprehensive, on-site factory walkthrough and workshops: ½ day.

3. A business-friendly, PowerPoint assessment and roadmap report created within 1 week - based on Clevvi’s Factory Modernisation Framework - and socialised with key business stakeholders. 

4. Client feedback and refine.

Average engagement time: 2 weeks.


Who should be Involved?

The most successful engagements involve a wide range of business stakeholders. Examples of who can participate:
Corporate IT: 
* Infrastructure Engineers.
* Software Developers.
* DBAs.
Factory IT:
* Corporate Electricians.
* Instrumentation Specialists.
* Automation Specialists.
* Maintenance Engineers & Supervisors.
Business Stakeholders:
* COO.
* Production Floor Managers.
* Safety Officers.
* Quality Assurance Managers.
* Compliance Assurers.
* Sustainability Officers.

How much does it cost?

A typical Factory Modernisation Assessment costs $10,000 AUD. Please submit an expression of interest below, for a personalised quote.

Why Clevvi?

  • More than two decades of experience in factory IT automation within ANZ.
  • More than 40 factory modernisation engagements.
  • In-depth, specialised skills to address 24x7 operational factory business challenges.
  • Vast domain knowledge of food & beverage and manufacturing industries’ business models.

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